How To Recover Deleted Files and Apps On Android

Modern gadgets like Android smartphones are not that much secured and you could not save any file for long term and you could lose any file due to virus or might be you mistakenly deleted any files, photos and images. Still there are a few tricks that can recover almost all your files with DiskDigger app for example.


DiskDigger is a free app by Defiant Technologies that scan files with names that could be photos or videos that can be recovered from memory card. It filters files and photos that you deleted and then you can save them again locally to your memory card or any place you want to save. If you need to recover any apps that your already purchased from Google store then you might not need to buy again; you can just sign-in to your Google play account and install it again to your device.

I hope this app helps to recovers your important files and that the app might have some limitations like you can scan just a few extension files and might need to root your device because it will ask to give superuser permission.They still have some cool features like you can send recovery files to any email or could upload it to ftp that could secure your files more. If you want to check some other cool android tips or any helpful articles then you can check here.

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