How To Recover A USB Flash Drive

After slump of floppy and CD, USB is now the most usable source for storing and transferring data. It is more secure than other disks, has a huge amount of space, and on top of the iceberg it is small and portable. Sometimes due to viruses or by own mistake you format usb but it’s not a big problem since you can restore 85 percent of the data still if it got formatted or just deleted. Storage devices have small image backups of all files and small files like images or text files are more easily recoverable . To get deleted files back, follow the steps bellow:

  • First check your disk with command port. To open command port write cmd on run or search bar and write Chkdsk f: /r  this scans corrupted files and helps to recover them.
  • If your USB is fully formatted then it’s better to use any usb tool than cmd command because it’s not confusing and easy to use. Check some tools below that are free or premium:
    1. Easeus Data Recovery Software
    2. Cardrescue Data Recovery Software
    3. GetData Data Recovery Software

If you really know you formatted usb then just use usb tool. If it’s  because of a virus or any other problem then first scan with antivirus and then follow the steps that I posted.

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