How To Reset iPhone

how-to-reset-iphoneIphone has different resetting options. One resets both the settings and the data and returns the Iphone to the factory defaults. Resetting the phone in this way is handy when you are experiencing problems, and also when you are switching to a different phone and wish to clear all your personal data. There is a con however. It sucks to lose your data when you only want to reset your preferences and settings. Luckily, there is the option of resetting your phone without deleting your important data, that not too many people know about. Like, if your screen gets stuck, you can use that option.

Reset the menu options:

Step 1
Tap the ‘settings’ button on the home screen.
Step 2
Tap ‘general’ and go all the way to the bottom of the screen and then touch ‘reset’.
Step 3
Tap ‘reset all setting’. A confirmation window will appear on the screen.
Step 4
Tap ‘reset all settings’ in order to reset your settings without deleting any data.
Step 1
Press and hold the ‘sleep/wake’ button on the top of the iPhone.
Step 2
Press and hold the ‘home’ button for about fifteen seconds while continuing to hold on to the ‘sleep/wake’ button.
Step 3
Let go of the ‘sleep/wake’ and ‘home’ buttons as soon as the Apple logo shows up on the screen. The phone will turn off and on again once the it has been reset.

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