How To Root Android Without Computer With Z4root

Rooting android devices is useful because it helps to customize your phone beyond the default official limitations. It helps to install updated versions of android OS. It also enables you to install some cool apps that can’t be run without rooting.

Well sometimes you might wanna use some apps that require rooting and you can not connect your PC every time to root. Z4root is an easy apk root kit by the XDA-Developer RayanZA that doesn’t need PC and it come with two options: temporary root and peppermint root. Temporary root will work till you reboot your phone and it is comparable to almost 99% phone according to author.

To install Z4root first you have to download it from the official page and install it from your phone and make sure installing from unknown source is enabled and if it’s not then enable it by pressing ‘tap the menu’ button on your home screen, then choose Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources and then choose your desired root option.


Z4root has some limitations like it doesn’t support permanent root to nand locked phones and are not comparable to some phones like Desire (requires nand unlock), Desire HD (requires nand unlock), Magic (unknown), Evo (requires nand unlock) , G2 (requires nand unlock), Archos 70 (unknown), myTouch 3G (unknown), Wildfire, Droid Incredible.


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