How To Setup Your Own Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a Java multi-player game. It allows players to construct their own world with 3d cube texture. It comes with different modes – such as ‘survival mode’ that is all about to maintaining health and hunger with collected resources. It is also available on Android and on IOS .

If you are addicted to Minecraft and wish to play a game with your friend on your own server that has its own rules, then follow the steps below to run Minecraft on your own server:

  1. To create a server first download the Mincraft server setup and copy Minecraft_Server.exe into a different folder.
  2. Run server installer. It will download a few files on the same folder that could help to configure your server.
  3. open in notepad and set your server name, max-player and check your port (which is usually 25565 by default).
  4. Go to find your Internet Modem or router and select minecraft in softwares and follow the port forwarding guide.
  5. Test your port from any software or from the online web. Make sure your firwall is closed.mincraftportforwording
  6. Tell your friend to connect to your server with your WAN ip addres with port that  you could find on and connect to server.
    minecraft server ip

I posted a few easy steps and after following them I hope you can enjoy playing multiplayer with your friends. The hardest thing in all is portforwarding which confuses players, but I think after following the guide on you will be succesfull in it.

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