How To Speed Up WordPress Site

WordPress is one of outclass CMS and it is used by a lot of popular sites. WordPress is faster than some other compositors and has a lot of other benefits like SEO. It also has different plugins to fit your needs. Unfortunately it takes a lot of sever usage and takes a long time to load websites.

wordpress page load time to speedup wordpress

To make your WordPress fast try some of the following tips that really work:

  1. Use cache plugin. This creates a static page and reduces SQL usage. It decreases load time upto great extent. I prefer W3 Total Cache which has many other features like CSS and HTML compressor.
  2. Don’t use too many plugins and deactivate plugins that aren’t required and that do not benefit your website much.
  3. Review your site with a Plugin performance tester like P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) to see which plugins have much inpact on your website load time and delete it and use alternative plugins or use a custom code.
  4. Comprise your style css from here.Comprised CSS reduces time and increases speed to download images from your site.

Below are some more tips that could help you make your WordPress fast, but it’s not much necessary and some are hard to implement after launching and designing website:

  • CSS spirits which are used to combine some compulsory images that are used by all website pages into single a image and use part of that image through CSS into required place which reduces lot of image requests to server and loads all images in one single time.
  • Use image optimizer to decrease the size of an image which will use less bandwidth and effect site load time.
  • Inline Java, CSS and HTML scripts to reduce the size of pages.
  • Reduce commenting on coding.
  • Buy a faster server if it has a lot of traffic and important users.

Since it’s CMS and not static website that cannot be much faster because they use Apache, SQL and PHP that require server to work in background and show results which requested, but tips I posted could help you to decrease your WordPress load time upto great extend.


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