How To Speed Up Android Phones

The best and easiest, reliable way of speeding up the Android phones is by firstly updating your Smartphone Firmware. Updating it means there are major chances of fixing various lags, bugs and other problems that could all be reasons for the slow down of the Android phones.

Another feasible and recommended step is to search the Google Play for useful and related important and significant applications, which will consist of or include various and different types of applications like the Auto Task Teller, which finishes off particular applications consistently in no time.
This will help in creating idle space in RAM memory, resulting in faster operating of the phone. Applications such as high rated Antivirus applications which prove to be a great tool in scanning your Android for any possible viruses and malwares that are sometimes a major source of slowing down the phone. Applications such as a Start up manager, which results in blockage of various applications from starting up automatically when the phone is switched on. Applications like Juice Defender will defend your battery from falling fast by blocking some unuseful services and applications. Applications like Cache Cleaner which also can be used to run automatically will result in clearing of various cache from the phone’s memory.
Applications related to SD Cards will enable or help you in the moving of your selected and desired applications to the SD Card (if inserted inside), this can also help in speeding up the phone. Application related to spare parts provide you with some more configurations and preferences related to the settings of your Android; for example provision of configurations related to the faster working of Windows,
transmission animation etc.

Another point that should be kept in consideration is the factory resetting of your smart phone.This enables to erase everything and brings the phone back to the normal i.e., the new condition. This option is a temporary one, because on using the phone back, after some time it will start lagging as it used to do so before the factory restoration of that phone. Never forget backing up your contacts, memos, and other important and useful information or storage of knowledge (for example the save passwords and keywords or security lock codes in browser) before performing this step. One more way of boosting up your Android is clearing or uninstalling the unused or unuseful applications from your phone. And atlast the quickest, temporary but also useful way of just giving a try to speed up the phone is by rebooting it.

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