How To Survive A Job Interview On Webcam

Lately many job interviews are via Skype and that can be extremly stressing. My dad gave his first interview via Skype two weeks ago and the day before he asked us to remind him to put on his pants before the interview. He also spent three hours in the bathroom that morning and he was even considering to wear make up on his face.

A job interview on webcam is terrifying for a couple of different reasons. You can see yourself on your computer screen. You can see exactly what your webcam is displaying to your conversational partner. It is just like giving a job interview with a mirror in front of you. You may start to worry about whether or not your house, your office supplies and your coffee cups are representable and neath enough. You could suddenly hear your door get unlocked and opened, followed by your mother’s voice yelling ‘hello, my big grown up monkey boy, I brought bagels, and your auntie Mildred is here too so come give her a big kiss!’. Jehova’s could come knocking. Your neighbour’s scary dog could start to bark.

However, there are a few things that we can do to avoid disasters and most of all to feel more comfortable and self confident during a webcam interview:

  1. Make sure that everyone who has a key to your appartment, or the habit of dropping by suddenly knows that you are having an important job interview. It is a good idea to post this on Facebook.
  2.  Do not ever have the interview at a public place. Especially not Starbucks. It is not impressive at all.
  3. You could of course do it a friend’s office or study room, if you don’t have one yourself.
  4. 4. Make sure that the light is not too bright, because that will darken your face.
  5. When you answer your interviewer you should look at the camera, because that is how you make eye contact.
  6.  Do not sit too close to your camera. You don’t have to. Isn’t that great? This way your zits won’t be visible to the naked eye. Even less so than at a normal interview.
  7. Make sure that your webcam is working and that the quality is good before you have the interview. You don’t want to get frustrated about it in front of your interviewer or hold them up.
  8. Do NOT wear jogging pants, pyjamas pants or uh, no pants, during the interview. You never know when you have to stand up to get a document or anything else for your interview.

Of course, you never know what the interviewer will be like and if he or she has a sense of humor or not. Just like at a real life interview. Don’t panick to much and try to relaxe. You are in your own safe home after all!

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