How To Unlock The Emoji Keyboard On iOS

The Emoji keyboard is very cute, and a lot of people use it. At first you could only use it in a couple of places, but now you can use it just about everywhere on your phone: in messages, on Gmail, on Facebook, and on many internet fora. It is not hard to add the the Emoji keyboard, just follow these few steps below.

1. Go to Settings and tap ‘General’.
Emoji 1

2. Scroll down to ‘International’ and click on it.
Emoji 2

3. Tap on ‘Keyboards’.
Emoji 3

4. Select ‘Add new Keyboard’ and search for Emoji.
Emoji 4

Now, if you want to use the Emoji keyboard, you need to click on the globe icon on your keyboard, while you’re typing. When you are done typing in Emoji, click on the globe icon again and your keyboard will be back to normal. This tutorial works for iOS 5, 6 and 7.

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