How To Use Android Camera With Low Battery

The camera function on Android phones don’t work after 85 percent of the battery is empty. Some smart phones with high configuration have a high  battery consumption and need to be charged after one or two days.
So if you are away from home and don’t have any option to charge your battery and still want to snap a picture I have two apps which will allow you to take pictures even when the battery level is as low as 1 percent:

  1. Low Battery Camera by Smarts apps era

    This app is free. It allows you to take picture without showing camera preview but automatically generates pictures and saves them to gallery. The best thing about this app is that it uses very few battery and you can take pictures till your  battery level is one percent.
  2. Low Battery Camera by Paksoft Global

    this premium app costs $1.26 dollar. It optimizes power management which allows the app to take pictures until the phone battery is completely empty. It also shows camera preview without autofocus and flash.

I hope these app tips will help to capture unforgettable movement and that you won’t miss out on anything as long as your phone battery still has some power left.


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