How To Use Instagram On Your PC

Instagram is a rapidly growing photo sharing social medium, where people can share  their creative pictures via mobile. Lots of people are already addicted to the app and they may want to use it on PC so I am sharing some of the best alternative PC apps to use Instagram on you PC with.

  1. Instagrille
    Instagrille is one of the best app for PC. It comes with lots of features and the app’s own design is very creative. it’s an easy app to use and you can view pictures in a thumb or list view. The app is especially created for Microsoft Windows OS.
  2. Carousel

    Carousel is a cool app to use Instagram on Mac with in an easy way but the thing you won’t like about it is that it’s not free; it will cost you $3.99 to use it.The good thing about this app is that it’s easy and designed really simple and it won’t use much PC memory and it’s fast.
  3. Webstagram
    You might wanna know an app that can help to use Instagram from any OS or from any other browser. Well, Webstagram will help to use it from any browser and from that web app you can see images of people you follow, view popular images and other tags pictures and you can follow and unfollow any person you want.
  4. GramFeed
    Gragfeed is a website where you can search any images from their search engine, which is similar too twitter search from where you can view pictures with Hast tags like #cat. You might not find many other options and features but it can be helpful if you just wanna see create pictures or Instagram users.

I shared some top app that can help to use Instagram on your pc and if you don’t wanna share your login information to any alternative app then you can also use the new Instagramown browser app that can be used from PC.

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