How To Use iPhone As A Wifi Hotspot

iPhone was the revolutionary smart phone and brought a lot of innovative features that helped us in a big way. The newest iPhone also has hotspot features like some other smartphones do. Those features can help to make your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot router. Configuring hotspots in new iOS isn’t hard and if you already have 3g or 4g service then you just have to follow these simple, easy steps below:

  1. To start using hotspot first you have to go to settings. If you have ios5 you can find the hotspot setting tab after the second and the third options, just like below in the image.
  2. Then you have to set your personal hotspot to on and if you want to secure your hotspot, choose a password.
  3. After all the settings you will get two options: usb only or wifi with Bluetooth. So if you want to connect to PC you can use usb and if you want to access WiFi on other gadgets then you have to choose the wifi option.

For activating 3G or gprs you might have to call a the helpline of your network. You can also get main 3g settings from your network because it’s different for every carrier.

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