How To Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock

alramclockIt’s the night before an important exam. You’re up late studying, playing games or drinking beer to mentally prepare yourself for the exam. Finally you decided to go to bed, because tomorrow is the big day and you’re gonna have to wake up at 7. But then it strikes you – when you went to visit your old grandmother earlier that day, you left your phone at her place! Knowing that the good woman is fast asleep at 9 PM on weekdays, you begin to realize just how screwed you are. How are you going to wake up?! Well, we have two tips for you:


If it’s 3 AM on a weeknight, nobody is going to be pleased if you call them to ask them to wake you up the next day. But the ‘people’ at won’t mind it a bit. It’s simple. You enter your house phone (house phone, a word that I have to add to my phone’s dictionary) number on their site and the time you wish to be woken at. They will send messages to your phone the next day. You can choose various different messages, too. Is it safe? To be honest, which I always try to be, I am not sure. However, you don’t have time to think about it. I would personally be willing to take the risk after reading this review:


If you have no cellphone and no home phone you are not totally screwed yet. Go to and set the alarm to wake you up at any time. A disadvantage is that you will have to keep your pc on at night, and maybe even sleep in the room with your pc (if you don’t have a laptop). But it is definitely better than oversleeping.

An additional tip:

Do it the natural way. Not so long ago (ancient times *coughs*) when cellphones and alarm clocks did simply not exist, people woke up at 4 AM every morning to get to their jobs in the cole mines or child labor factories in time. I’m sure that bosses weren’t any milder then than they are now. The people woke up every day at 4 AM without the help of an alarm clock. How? One way is drinking a lot of water. This way your blather will remind you to wake up in the morning.

Sweet dreams!

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