How To Write Appealing Business Posts On Facebook

No online business likes to come off as a bunch of spammers on Facebook. Sometimes posts from corporations are very spammy. That’s why we made a list of do’s and don’ts for business posts.

  1. Do not try to appeal to all your subscribers in every single post. It’s okay to address costumers with ‘ladies’ or ‘kids’. This does not only make you seen less stiff, but also more personal.
  2. Reposting something is fine; how often does a certain news item get ‘reposted’ after all? Just don’t repost something more than once a week.
  3. Do not post one sales item several times in different ways. It will look like you don’t offer more than one thing!
  4. Be there for your subscribers. If you post a pair of jeans from your summer collection and someone comments with ‘I wonder if they come in blue too’, then be the first one to reply them in the comments.
  5. Keep on track with the seasons and the hypes of the moment. Don’t advertise irrelevant things that nobody is thinking of buying at the moment. Don’t invite people to drink ‘hot chocolate’ at your restaurant in the summer.
  6. Grammar and spelling really matter!
  7. Don’t say nasty things in your posts about groups of people or other companies. Talk about what you have to offer and not about what others lack. Always remain neutral and professional.

We hope that this was helpful and that you can boost your sales with these posts. People love to complain so it’s better to be as correct as possible and people will love you. This way you won’t get a bad reputation and people won’t be afraid to look like spammers when they repost your sales items.

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