iPhone 5: Black or White?

iphone5 white or black

As we all know, the iPhone 5 comes in black and white. Apple has been making white smartphones since 2008, when they launched the white iPhone 3G. But it seems that this time, with the iPhone 5, there is more to consider than the lay out when it comes to the color.

When it comes to looks, the black iPhone doesn’t stand out as much as the white iPhone, which many people appreciate. Many people argue that the white iPhone 5 looks better in most cases. Some women think that the iPhone 5 is more feminine.

Basically, the white iPhone 5 is anodized aluminum with two strips of white on the back. This type of aluminum is very durable, and the white phone won’t get scratched as easy as the black one, and thus look brand new for a long time. The
black one gets scratches easily.

Personally I am getting an iPhone 5 next week, and I will purchase a white one. My husband also has a white one and it still looks brand new, but my mom has a black one and it looks old and ragged after only a few months. But it’s just a personal opinion.

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