iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S4: Which One Is Better?

The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are definitely the most popular phones of 2013. Both of them have different pros and cons. If you have not yet decided which one is right for you, read this brief overview of what makes both cellphones cool in their own way:


The pros of iPhone 5:

  • The screen is 4 inches long, which makes it easier to handle than the Samsung Galaxy S4 with it’s 4.99 inch screen.
  • 32 GB and 64 GB models are available.
  • It’s Apple: making phone calls, setting up contacts and using basic features is so easy that even a monkey could handle an iPhone.
  • It weighs less, is smaller and sits better in your pocket.
  • It has iOS 6.

The pros of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

  •  Watching movies on a 4.99 inch screen makes the experience a lot better.
  • It allows you to use memory cards, which iPhone does not.
  • It uses Sony’s newest 13-megapixel sensor, so pictures and videos come out great.
  •  The price, without a contract, is considerably cheaper than that of the iPhone 5.
  • >The pixel density is 441, and the iPhone 5’s is only 326.

It is hard to make the right choice when it comes to cellphones. You never really know what you like until you have had it for a while. Hopefully we have made your bet a little easier and informed you with these pros and cons.

Personally, I prefer the iPhone 5 over the Samsung Galaxy S4, because I like Apple and I prefer iOS over Android. However, it’s a very tough question because it is undeniable that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has many advantages over the newest iPhone. If you are an Android fan, I definitely recommend the Galaxy S4.

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