Justdelete.me: An Easier Way To Remove Your Name From The Internet

Nowadays people do everything online: shop, watch TV shows, read, chat, etc. And for all different purposes you have different accounts on different websites, where you share different information about yourself. Withing a couple of good searches people can get a good idea of who you are, what you are interested in, who you hang out with, and maybe even where you live. Overtime you may even forget about some of your accounts, and you are probably not even active anymore on all the online accounts that you have made overtime. However, getting rid of your accounts may seem like too much of a hassle (which it really can be, but we will get to that later), or even impossible.


But let’s bring out the Good News: two very smart UK-guys, developer Robb Lewis and designer Ed Poole have created a website that makes it easier for you to delete all your unwanted accounts. The website, called Justdelete.me, is a collection of links to pages from which you can delete a variety of online accounts.

When you go to the homepage of Justdelete.me you see links to lots of different internet accounts that you might have, and these links take you straight to the page from which you can deactivate your account. Robb Lewis has even researched the level of difficulty of deleting accounts on different services and rated them on the site. The difficulty levels are: Easy (eBay, Facebook, Deviantart, Paypal and Linkedin fall into this category), medium (LiveJournal, Grindr, Codeschool, etc), hard (Amazon, Etsy, iTunes/Apple ID, Skype, etc). Some of your accounts are even impossible to delete (Craigslist, Netflix, Kik, WordPress, Pinterest, etc). The accounts that are hard to delete sometimes require you to talk to someone from customer services to delete your account, and even accounts that are listed as ‘easy’ are not always that easy to delete (Facebook, for example).

Justdelete.me is pretty new, and the developer said on his blog that it is still work in progress, but it seems like a great site already. Removing some of your online accounts is difficult enough as it is, and with this website you won’t have to search for the right places anymore, because of the easy links.

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