Latest Iphone Tips and Tricks

iphone tricks
There are some very cool features on the iPhone that some people never discover, or only after a long time. That’s why we have listed a few of the coolest ‘hidden features’ of iPhone for you:

  • Voice selection (settings – accessibility ): this makes it possible for you to have the text on your iPhone read out loud. This can be very funny. Note: on iPhone 4 you should be careful with this feature, because many people reported that it caused their phone to pronounce every word they clicked on and eventually crash.
  • Sleeptimer on iPod: go to clock – time. Here you can select after how many hours your iPod stops playing if you want to sleep in on your favorite songs.
  • Other alphabets: it’s surprising that many bilingual people don’t realize that nearly every alphabet is available under ‘international’. You can set your phone to any language and add keyboards.
  • Emoticons: add the keyboard ’emoji’ under ‘keyboards’ to get the coolest emoticons. iPhone 3GS and higher.
  • Scroll through a video which you made in order to save certain movements as images.

Hopefully this will be of use to new iPhone users and maybe contains surprises for people who are already familiar with iPhone.

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