LG Electronics Launches Flexible Smartphone

If you have been waiting for a flexible smartphone to come out, you are lucky – for now only if you live in South Korea, where the G Flex by LG Electronic went into sale. LG is planning on bringing the flexible smartphone to the US in 2014. Hong Kong and France are a bit luckier than that, because in those places the G Flex will go into sale on December 13 of this year and February of next year.

LG G Flexible Smartphone

At a special press conference in San Francisco earlier this week LG unveiled the smartphone. The phone looks pretty standard, but the screen is curved, and if you put it on a table you will be able to put it flat. However, it still takes a bit of an effort to bend it all the way to the other side. The level of flexibility of the smartphone can still be questioned.

There are a couple of benefits that come with the flexible and curved LG G Flex. For starters, it is a lot harder to break a phone that you can already bend. Normally you could do damage to a smartphone by dropping it once, but with the LG G Flex that becomes a lot harder to do. The curvy model of the phone is beneficial when you are calling, because the microphone comes closer to your mouth so that your voice comes out more clear. “When you look at you, there’s nothing flat about you”, said Dr. Ramchan Woo, the head of LG mobile product planning division. “Everything is curved. And that’s why we wanted to make a curved phone”.

Woo then went on to say that the G Flex was only the beginning of the flexible smartphone, and that a revolution is on its way.

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