Microsoft Office Is Now Available For iPhone

Microsoft just released one of its top software products, Microsoft office, for iPhone. It will be available for free only for Microsoft office 365 subscribers. Microsoft office 365 is currently available for almost $100 and that enables to access the office application, Skydrive for live cloud storage and it can be installed on Windows, Mac and on iPhone.

Microsoft Office is currently the best featured office application but it comes for a high price: a year subscription costs 100 dollars, and that is a lot more than you might be willing to pay for it. Luckily, there are some free alternatives such as Google Docs and Quickoffice for iPhone.

Microsoft 365 offers the latest versions of Excel, Word, On-note, PowerPoint and Outlook. With a subscription you will get an extra 20gb of skydrive to share documents online and Skype 60 mins with. You can get cheap subscriptions of 4 years if you are a university student. The iPhone app is currently available in the US and will soon available worldwide.

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