Mobiroo: Unlimited App Downloads For Android

Maybe you are someone who downloads a great deal of apps for a lot of money or maybe you are one of many Android users that doesn’t usually download paid apps. Then you may like the service that Mobiroo provides. Mobiroo is a mobile device subscription that advertises itself as an ‘all you can app’ service: for $2.49 a month you can downloaded unlimited apps from the Mobiroo Library (which, at this point, is worth thousands of dollars).


If you want to download Mobiroo, but are not sure if you would like it, you can download the Mobiroo app first and browse through it to see if they have all the apps that you like. Then you can try a free 7-day trial, if you are still reluctant to make a commitment. Mobiroo offers a great deal of apps: game apps, music, and others. It also keeps adding new apps, so that you don’t get sick of the apps that you have downloaded. The apps that Mobiroo offers are sometimes very expensive: up to $20 on Google Play.

There is one catch: if you cancel your account with Mobiroo you lose all the apps that you downloaded during the subscription period. The website does not really make that clear, but it is not possible to subscribe to Mobiroo for a month, then cancel your account and keep all the apps that you downloaded.

Mobiroo is Android’s first apps-on-demand service, and the company’s main purpose is to make paid apps available to costumers for an affordable price. Lots of people don’t want to pay for apps, because you never really know if you like it until you have already paid for it. On top of that, the average Android app costs $3.47, which is a lot more than the average cost of an iPhone app (which $0.99). With Mobiroo it is less of a risk, because there will be plenty of paid apps available, and if you are not crazy about one of them, you can try another.

Android users can download the Mobiroo subscription and 7-day free trial at

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