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5 Tips Against Boredom At Work

I have a temporary job at a grocery store, and although the work is pretty easy and the pay could be worse, I often get very bored when I have no costumers and nothing on my hands. I suppose that people in all different brands of work

Job Interview Tips For Employers

Recently we have dedicated a few articles to job interviews and how to handle them. But there is another side to the job interview that gets a little less attention: the side of the employer. Most employers find it hard to give good job interviews, and they

5 Tips For Writing A Perfect Survey

There are many reasons for writing a survey: maybe you have to have one for a school project, or you want to find out what the opinions of your employees are, or maybe you are doing it just for fun on your website. It seems pretty easy

Tips For Writing A Post Interview Thank-you Letter

Lots of people think that thank you letters are no longer used, and while it might be true that less people write thank you notes than they did 30 years ago, many job interviewers still appreciate it. Besides, since less people send a thank you note it

5 Tips For Socializing At Work

If you are new at your job you probably don’t know many people, and may be longing for the relationships that you had with your co-workers at your old job. Or maybe you have worked at your job for a long time, but never really connected with

4 Helpful Tips To Get A Job Promotion

Most people don’t get a job expecting that they will stay in the same position forever, and almost everyone expects and hopes to climb higher up the career ladder in their current jobs and their future jobs. Getting a promotion is not always easy. Maybe you feel

5 Best Job Search Websites

When you are looking for a job it can be hard to make a start. Maybe you don’t know where to look, or you feel overwhelmed by all the different places you can look at jobs for. Nowadays people don’t use the newspaper as much as the