New BlackBerry CEO Remains Positive

This year in its third quarter BlackBerry has lost $4.4 billion dollars. That is not exactly an easy pill to swallow, especially not if you are the new CEO of the company. However, John Chen remains positive.


Chen states that he acknowledges that BlackBerry’s inventory is losing value every day, but he is extremely positive about a new deal with the China-based manufacturer Foxconn.
Foxconn is well-known for working together with Apple, so it can be a good thing that the company will now “develop and manufacture certain new BlackBerry devices and will manage the inventory associated wit those devices”, says BlackBerry.

BlackBerry’s new CEO has stated that he thinks the arrangement with Foxconn is “a very good partnership”.

Furthermore, a letter from John Chen to his employees has been leaked. In the letter he states that despite the big financial loss that BlackBerry faced, the company is moving on, and that BlackBerry is now going to focus more on their hardware and security, something that people have always valued about BlackBerry. Further he says that the company will focus more on the Indonesian market, and that the main goal of the deal with Foxconn is to bring a BlackBerry smartphone to Indonesia.

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