New Facebook Messenger App Feels More Like Texting

Starting this Tuesday Facebook is testing a new Messenger app for Android, which will then be released soon. This new messenger is supposed to make messaging via Facebook feel more like texting. Via this new app you can easily access your phone book and your Facebook friends, so that it can be used as a substitute for messaging.

Facebook Messenger App For Android

At the moment the new Facebook app is only available for Android (and only for a limited amount of users), but it is probably going to be very popular. The app looks nothing like the regular Facebook Messenger. It will be faster, its design is completely different and of course it has more features. Facebook calls its new app ‘mobile to mobile’; meaning that people can text each other with great ease on their smartphones, using the application. For instance, with the old Facebook Messenger app you could only reach your Facebook friends, but with the new version you can access all of your mobile contacts.

The new app also makes it easy for people to see whether or not the person that they are about to text is easily accessible via the app: the contacts that are also using Facebook Messenger get a little blue lightning bolt, and everyone that doesn’t have the app gets a Facebook icon. But when a friend who also has Messenger doesn’t get push notifications they won’t get a lightning bolt. This way you will know that it might be better to text them via another medium.

Not only will this new Facebook Messenger be a great improvement when it comes to speed, accessibility and overall functionality, it also looks completely different from the old version. Facebook designed a whole new logo for the app, and the dark blue that Facebook always uses is replaced by a lighter blue.

Overall, Facebook is trying to compete with other messaging systems, such as Whatsapp, BlackBerry Messenger and SMS with this new Facebook Messenger. We are very excited about the outcome

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