Potluck: iPhone App For Discussing Topics With Friends

he newest version of Potluck is a bit of a combination between a news app and a social network, and is very unique in its approach. The new app is designed to make friends talk to each other about things that interest them. The app works pretty simple: it keeps floating you with news items, and then you decide if you find it interesting or not by clicking ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. Potluck then connects you with friends who also find the article interesting, so that you get to talk about it with each other.

Potluck App For iPhone

When you open Potluck you see a range of news stories that are called ‘snacks’, and when you tap on the little card that the ‘snack’ is displayed on your screen. When you click on the snacks you get to see a brief slideshow of the news article article. Every snack has a message board on which friends can post their opinions.

This app seems to be very promising: it is surprising that there aren’t many news apps on which you can easily share a message board with friends yet. There are already a lot of social networking and news websites on which you can voice your opinion, but none of them go as far as Potluck does.

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