Skype Alternatives For Android

People use video calling for many purposes; to stay connected with family, friends and for business purposes. That is why video calling is one of the most important Android features. Video calling on laptops has come down android devices making smartphones powerful. Lots of free callings apps are available, so out of that I have selected the 4 best ones for calling online. Here is the list:


A unique feature of Fring is the abillity to chat with up to 4 people on video at the same time. Fring uses Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) to provide the finest audio and video quality. Fring works with different platforms such as Ipod and Iphone and Nokia. The app is a lot lighter compared to Tango or Skype. Fring to fring voice calls, and Fring to Fring text messages are of course for free.

ooVoo Video Call

oovoo-skyper-alternative ooVoo works across iPhone, MAC, PC and Android. You can use ooVoo to make video calls over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. The group video chat can add up to 5 people, which is even more than the amount of people you can add to your video conversations on Fring. It is supported by a variety of smartphones and tablets.


An amazingly fast and much used free video calling app in the android market. Not only basic features such as IMs, video calling and phone calling are available, but also a new feature was installed in the app: video messaging. This is much like an ‘old fashioned’ voice message but then in video style. You can record a video message and send it to your Tango friends. Tango adds people from your phone book that are already users automatically. Users of smartphones without a front camera can call themselves lucky. Tango uses the main camera when video calling so the person you are talking to can see you when you want. It takes only a minute to register and further on no username or password is required. This is definitely one of my favorite video calling apps.

Qik Video

Qik has a variety of unique features that none of the other video calling apps have yet been able to offer you: sharing videos on social networking sites as well as recording videos, live video streaming from mobile to facebook, twitter and other social media, managing videos through the Qik desktop app, uploading videos to cloud storage (max. is 25 videos), etc. The premium version of Qik is quite expensive but it offers even more than the aforementioned free version. The premium version has video mail, HD and 3D video recording from selected devices and the option of managing videos from PC. You can use a 30-days trial first if you want to get the premium version.

Google plus also has a video calling option. Here you can use Google Hangout and connect to no less than 9 friends at the same time for a video conference. That’s awesome.

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