Some Basic Tips For Candy Crush

Candy crush is currently one of famous puzzle game and have lot of players that play and spend time on it. There are around 2400 levels and you might want to complete almost all with 3 starts and better score than your friends. Below are some candy crush tips.

Special Candy

Always try to make special candy. You can make special candy by combining more same color candies. Like you can make striped candy by combining four same color candies or make color bomb by combining five same color candies.

Break Candy from Bottom

If you play more from bottom of candy board and break the candies then it will shuffle more. Means more candies will break automatically. You will get more chance to make special candy.

Break Blockers

If you break blockers then you will get more candies to play. It means you will get more chance to make special candy from more candies.

I hope these tips will help to pass more levels.


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