Some Handy Tips To Secure Your Email Account

We don’t care much about our email accounts but there might be some important personal information or information related to business which can lead to big losses. There are lots of genius hackers around the internet and they can use a lot of tricks to hack your account. As we know, most email providers don’t have any decent procedure to get your email account back so to protect your email from spammers and hackers use these few useful tips that can secure you account up to high extent.


Use Unique and Strong Password

Lot of hackers use scripts that can detect if you are using any common passwords from their list so always use a unique password with uppercase and numbers so you can protect your account from some common easy hacks.

Reliable Backup to reset password

Some top email providers like, Gmail and Hotmail use secondary email or SMS so always provide a reliable email or number, if you forget your password or someone changes your password then you can access them later to get your password back.

Do not open any uncommon  link

There are a lot of spam emails you could find with a fake registration form that could ask you to give up your email and password to open their link. So always check the URL and website reputation before giving up your email details.

Review Forwarding Address

Some email providers give forwarding option that can forward any email to selected addresses so check this option and see if your email is forwarding to any uncommon email address.

Avoid VPN proxies and public Wifi

Some free proxies around the internet could detect passwords from your cookies or any script and might be any hacker on wifi could access or check your PC logs so always avoid opening your email or any important account on proxies and on free wifi.

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