Some Useful Tips To Increase Visitors Of Your Website

There are a few tricks to get people to visit your site for the first time. Long texts with no images are a killer (Websites with too many images can of course be overkilling). Now, if your website is absolute crap, none of these tricks will really help you get there, but if you are honestly putting your best efforts into making your site work, these tricks can help you:

  1. Facebook
    If you are a business, you should definitely make a Facebook page. Be it apart from your website or conjoined. On this page you can reach your constumers in many different ways. About that we have written a whole different article. A good trick is, for instance to give your costumers a discount on an article if they like your page, or a free trial of something… Or whatever you have to offer. These benefits will interest people and show them that you care about your costumers.
  2. Give away stuff
    free giveaway
    Reward visitors by giving away free wallpapers, fonts, keyboard stickers and other things on your site. This is how you do it: if you come across a cool image, wallpaper, font or whatever, contact the site and ask them if you can give them away on your website. Surprisingly, you will almost never receive a ‘no’. People are happy to share their creativity, but remember that stealing is not a good way to make yourself better. It is not only against the law, but also pathetic. Especially cute images, like cats or other animals (especially cats) will definitely attract people.
  3. Quizzes, contests and polls
    Quizzes and contests are fun. Especially if you offer a price. It will suck people into your website, because people love competing. You can also add a poll and maybe a comments section. This way you show the world that you are up to date and that you know what is going on in the world. People will come to your site to discuss the options in your poll, as long as you keep it interesting.

Hopefully we have provided you with some insight in website making. If you have any tips, please notify us, because we, like every other site love to learn new things to make our website awesome!



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