Sony PlayStation 4 Sold Over A Million Time In The First 24 Hours

The sale of the new PlayStation 4 was expected to be big and it is big: Sony has already sold over a million units in the first 24 hours after the launch of the PS4, and the company expects to have sold 5 million by March, when its fiscal year ends. However, the number of sales shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to Sony, because in August of this year a Sony executive said that the PlayStation 4 already had over a million pre-orders, which is a lot more than the pre-orders for the PlayStation 2 and 3. The launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2007 had to be delayed, because the company had only made 400,000 units available for the USA, and there was a much higher demand.

Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 is Sony’s first game console in 7 years, and it has been available as of November 15 in the United States and Canada, for $400. The console will be available in Latin America and Europe on November 29. When asked to respond on the great sale of the PS4 on a press conference, Sony executive Andrew House said “Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on Nov. 29”. But not everything went great for Sony: a couple of costumers have written negative reviews about the PlayStation 4 on the internet, in which they say to have problems connecting the console to their televisions, or troubles turning it on. Sony’s president, Shuhei Yoshida, reacted to these complaints in a tweet. “Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues’, Yoshida said. ‘The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents”.

On Monday Sony released a manual in which they explained what users could do to get the consoles to connect to their television, and what to do when the device won’t turn on, and further the firm recommends users to console the PlayStation support website.

Official PS4(PlayStation 4) Unboxing Video

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