T-Mobile Promises Everyone Will Get 200 MB Of Free Data On iPad

Earlier this week there was some confusion about T-Mobile’s promise to give all iPad users 200 MB of free data: when users visited the website, they saw that a monthly fee of $10 was attached to the purchase of an iPad, and that the free data that T-Mobile promised was not actually free. However, last Friday T-Mobile CEO John Legere cleared up the mistake in a Tweet, promising that the 200 MB of free data was indeed free, and that there were no strings attached.

tmobile free iPad internet

“Yes. Everyone gets the 200 MB of free data. No Exceptions. No strings attached”, was what Legere Tweeted, making it clear that there is really no catch to T-mobile’s promise. Apparently, people that see the monthly fee charge on the website are people that are already T-mobile cellphone subscribers. Others did not see the $10 monthly fee.

People that are planning on buying the iPad Mini or the iPad Air are not the only ones that are lucky, because all iPad users are getting the free data. And T-Mobile is the only company so far that gives out free data to iPad users. Existing T-Mobile costumers and people that purchased the iPad Air from Apple this week have confirmed that they have already been using the free data plan without any issues.

With this new data plan, T-mobile hopes to get more iPad costumers, and with only 200 MB of data, people are going to want to purchase more. This is definitely a smart and unique move of T-Mobile, and they will more than likely gain a lot of new costumers.

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