The 5 Best Alarm Clock Apps

Nowadays every smartphone typically has a built-in alarm clock, but they are not always great as some of them don’t offer the option of waking up to music from your playlist or iTunes. There are also cool features that can’t be found in standard alarm clocks.

1. Wakevoice

Say goodbye to your old radio alarm clock, Wakevoice reads out the news, weather, horoscope and upcoming calendar events of the day after you hit the snooze or stop button. You can pick the area that you live in and receive the weather for that specific area and you can even select a specific RSS feed from which you want to receive the news. This app is free as a trial and there is a full version available for $2.99.

2. Alarm Clock Connect Lite

Alarm Night Clock Lite
This app is similar to the Wakevoice app, but this one is for the iPhone. You get weather updates when you wake up and you can interact via Facebook and Twitter with the app and receive updates from those media. It has music too, and you can choose to integrate your calendar into the app and receive updates.

3. DoubleTwist Alarm Clock

doubletwist alarm clock
The alarm itself is a pretty design – black and grey. You can choose between a round clock or a digital one. You can set your alarm manually or even based on sunrise and sleepcycles or based on short naps and the app will even givenĀ  you advice on sleeping and wake up times. It works with DoubleTwistPlater, a popular and free music player on Google Play. The trial version is free and the full costs $1.99.

4. Weather Clock Free

Weather Clock Free
This iOS App illustrates the weather for you; the screen changes along with the weather, which looks very cool. The app also tells you about the weather for the coming few days. With this app you will know immediately how to dressĀ  when you get out of bed, and that means that you can snooze a little longer.

5. Alarm Clock Extreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
This app is perfect for those that can’t get out of bed in the morning. There are different options that make it harder for you to stay in bed, like, if you choose your phone will keep ringing until you solve a math problem or shake it real hard or fill out a captcha form. It also has a variety of different sounds that could easily prevent you from wanting to go back to sleep again.

If you are a heavy sleeper or somebody who is bored with waking up the same way every day, one of these app will probably work great for you.

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