The 5 Best Alternative Keyboard Apps For iPhone

There is nothing wrong with the default iOS keyboard, but sometimes you just need a little extra. If you are a writer, a journalist or someone with a busy job there are keyboards out there that have features that make typing just a little easier for you. Check out the five finest iPhone  keyboard apps that we have listed for you below:

1. Fast Keyboard • Universal Text Editor

Fast Keyboard For iPhone
This free iOS app is good for people that don’t like to dig deep into their keyboard for the right symbol or an umlaut or apostrophe. Everything is listed on just one page. Two rows above the standard keyboard with the letters show you the numbers and all the punctuation marks. It also features an expansive text editor that allows you to use subscripts and superscripts.

2. Keyboard Pro

Keyboard Pro For iPhone
This keyboard is for iOS and it costs 0.99 but if you text a lot with friends it is a good app for you. It gives easy access to hundreds of emoticons, characters and ASCII style art. You can also flip your texts so that people have to read what you wrote upside down. This may not be a good keyboard to have on your work phone but it is fun if you like to send cute texts to friends .

3. FlickKey Keyboard Notes

FlickKey Keyboard Notes
If you are traveling, driving or if you have to multitask a lot for your job this keyboard can come in very handy for you. FlickKey Works with a tap and swipe method for typing, which takes a while to get used to but after you are fully adjusted to this new method of typing you will make use of it a lot.Much like on the Fast Keyboard • Universal Text Editor everything is listed on one page.

4. Smart Keyboard Lite (+ Smart Favorites)

Smart Keyboard Lite For iPhone
This app was originally Android but it is now also available for iPhone with the exact same results. It works very simple, you type in a word and then a few boxes appear above your keyboard, suggesting different words that you are trying to type. Another cool feature is that the keyboard keeps track of your history and after a while it could guess what you are trying to say after you have only typed two letters, or even before you start typing.

5. Easy Typing – Larger and Better Keyboard

Easy Typing For iPhone
This app also works with predictive text, but it goes into a whole new direction. Instead of making every key big or small it remembers which letters you use the most and then makes the keys for those letters larger. This keyboard is ideal for people that don’t like the small keys on the smartphone keyboards, like if you are used to a Nokia or a Blackberry.

As you can see there are many different keyboards for many different users. A lot of keyboards work with predictive text now, and I recommend that to anyone who has to type fast for a job or writes a lot.

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