The Best Free Email Services The Internet Has To Offer You

What is the best email service out there? Previously Hotmail was the majority of the world, but later on it changed to and we saw a growth in Gmail users. It is probably wise to have several different email accounts on different services (at least, I always end up having accounts everywhere) but you have got to have one main email address. Read about the three best and most popular free email services here and choose from them:

  1. Gmail
    Gmail Email Service
    Gmail has one big pro, which is practically unlimited online storage. It also divides all your emails into maps so that once you get how it works, you won’t get lost anymore in an ocean of emails. The integrated videochat is also a big advantage of Gmail. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to create aliases.
  2. Outlook
    Outlook Email
    Microsoft outlook has a couple of advantages over other email services, including: maps to organize your mails well, integration of email messages, scheduling and social network updates; a highly effective spamfilter. A disadvantage of this email service would be that its many options can be confusing, especially when you are new to it.
  3. Yahoo
    Yahoo Mail Service
    Although Yahoo! Mail has unlimited storage, social networking and sms texting, it is not the email that one should use for professional goals. There is not really an effective spam filter and it can be a pain in the back to figure out how everything works. Another advantage of Yahoo! Mail is that it allows you to keep the former, classic version if you don’t feel like getting into a whole new level of mailing.


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