Things That Cause Your iPhone Battery To Die Fast

iphone battery

There are features and settings on your iPhone that cause your battery to die fast. I have listed a few of them.

  • Speaking selection: if this setting is on your battery dies faster. Also if you don’t even use it.
  • Cellular data: it’s best to turn this off when you have wifi anyway, but it also reduces your battery level.
  • Push notifications: only use the most important ones.
  • Leaving webpages open seems to reduce the battery level.
  • Close apps when you go to bed or put your phone away for a long time, unless if you need them.
  • The brightness level. Don’t turn it on to the max.
  • If you don’t put your phone on screen saver the battery dies incredibly fast.

I hope some of these tips are of use to you. You probably know about most of them but some of them may have gone unnoticed.

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