5 Tips Against Boredom At Work

I have a temporary job at a grocery store, and although the work is pretty easy and the pay could be worse, I often get very bored when I have no costumers and nothing on my hands. I suppose that people in all different brands of work have to deal with occasional boredom – at office jobs as well. Boredom at work can be very aggravating – of course it is better than having a job that is too much to handle, but it can get frustrating. If you ever find yourself looking at a clock that seems to go slower every minute, read some of these tips below.

Boredom at work

1. Rearrange your work area

This is probably something that you have already done, but maybe you haven’t touched your work area yet, for whatever reason. No matter where you work, it is always good to have a nice, clean environment that you can do your job in. Preferably, a work area that you feel at home in. If you have your own office, or your own desk, you can hang up pictures, get nicer furniture, or just do a big clean up, so that you know where everything is. When your place looks clean and easy to manage, it is a lot easier to get creative. If you work behind the counter you can’t really personalize your area, but you can still do a good clean up.

2. Browse

If you have a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone available at your job, you should use your breaks to browse the internet, or take extra breaks to go online for a few minutes. Get your mind off work for a while and search funny memes, cat pictures or YouTube tutorials. Use your time to read about something that you want to learn or that interests you, or watch videos that take your mind off the boredom. It might sound like a bad idea, but as long as you don’t browse your computer all day long, it can actually help you. Especially funny pictures and videos will put you in a better mood, and may inspire you to be more creative or learn something new.

3. Use your talents

Work is probably not the only thing that you do, and hopefully it is not the only thing that you are good at. You probably have talents and ambitions, and maybe you have little time on your hands to actually work on those talents outside of work. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest some time into the thing that you like to do when you have nothing to do at work. For instance, if you want to be a writer or a poet, you can observe the people and situations around you and make up rhymes or stories about them. And if you’re an artist you can use your spare time to draw.

4. Do more than you have to

This one sounds simple, but it is very true: you probably have a range of responsibilities at work, and officially nothing more is required of you. However, if you find yourself bored at work a lot, it might be time to take up some new responsibilities, or learn some new job skills. There is probably always something to do at work: you may have colleagues that could use help with stuff, or maybe you have people that work above you that are willing to teach you some things about what they do. Your boss will appreciate it is you do more than you have to, and it may even lead to a promotion. Watch out that you don’t do other people’s jobs, or do things that you are not supposed to do, though, because it could make your employer or colleagues upset with you.

5. Quit

If you have tried everything and your job still doesn’t get any more interesting, it may be time to quit. It is normal to be bored at work sometimes, but if it happens to you all the time your job may just not be the right one for you, or maybe you need some more challenge. Don’t hold yourself back, and if it is possible, try to find a job that meets your interests better.

Hopefully these tips help you against boredom at work. I have tried all of them at different jobs. If you have any more tips against boredom at work, please let us know.

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