Tips And Tricks For Android Icons And Folders

How to Insert and Eliminate Icons from Home Display
When you will install an application, the system of android usually inserts an application icon on your home display. This icon will work as a shortcut to start the application. If you desire to manually insert an app icon or a widget icon by yourself, it’s not too difficult.

  1. Press the All Apps icon on the tray.
  2.  Select the Apps or Widgets tab on the top.
  3. Touch and hold the icon you want to create a shortcut.
  4. Drag and drop the icon on a home screen you like.

To remove an icon from your home screen:

  1. Touch and hold the icon of apps, widgets or shortcuts until the Remove icon appears on the top.
  2. Drag and drop the icon over the Remove icon.

Note: While using Android 2.x, you can insret a shortcut icon by touching and holding an empty location of a home screen or press Menu then press ‘Add’; On Android 3.0, touch the customize button at the top right of a home screen to add a shortcut icon.

How to Re-arrange The Icons:
When you will install new apps to your Android phone, the system loads up the icons automatically without your permission to select a home screen. But you can then re-arrange the icons on the home screens and on the tray.

  1. Touch and hold any icon on your screen for a second.
  2. Drag the icon to a unlike mark on the screen, or even to or from the tray, apart from the permanent “All Apps” icon.
  3. You can also drag an icon to the left or right border of the screen until it starts sliding, then drop the icon to another screen.

How to Create, Rename and Remove Folders in Android:
Apart from the applications on the tray, sometimes it’s not too easy or too fast to search for an app to start if you have a lot of icons dispersed over a number of home screens. Then Why not make a folder to assemble similar apps collectively? It’s not much difficult than you might probably be considering.

  1. Touch and hold any icon for a second.
  2. Drag the icon over the top of another. The system then automatically groups two app icons in a folder.
  3. Touch the folder, then tap “Unnamed Folder”, key in a name for the folder and press “Done”.

You can rename a folder at any time—press a folder then tap its name to rename it.
While the system will auto make a folder for you, it does the same when deleting a folder automatically—press a folder to enlarge it, then delete all grouped items inside the folder—just touch and hold, then drag them out from the folder one by one.

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