Tips For Facebook Profile Picture

So, when making a FB business page we clearly want to avoid coming on as a-technical, unprofessional losers. Your profile picture and you cover image say a lot about you. This is kind of what we should avoid when taking a profile picture:

  1. A picture that is taken with a webcam or an old phone or a bad camera… Unprofessional as hell.
  2. Taking the picture yourself from a portable camera device. Your business is supposed to look strong and big, it should not look like… Just you and your smartphone.
  3. Smiling in a crazy way, with your arms folded while standing. You’re trying to have this ‘perfect son in law’ look but it just looks corny and funny.
  4. Sunglasses, hats, bandshirts, lots of jewelry.

So what kind of pictures are suitable for business pages?

  1. Use pictures of things that people associate with your business. If you sell cars, then stand in front of a car with some colleagues for your cover photo.
  2. If your business is McDonalds, wear your McDonalds uniform!
  3. Take the picture from a distance, no close ups.

I hope that this is helpful. It is very hard to say what one should or shouldn’t put on their business page because companies have various purposes with their pages, but these guidelines may be of use to you.

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