Tips For iPhone Siri

Siri is a new tool that is available on iPhone 3GS and further, as of now. It can understand what you say, and follow your orders. You can dictate, send messages, schedule things, make phone calls and lots of other things.
Unfortunately it can do funny things if you don’t give it the right commands. For that reason we have collected some tips and tricks to get the best out of Apple’s newest assistant.

10. Security
Don’t let people trick you
By locking your iPhone with a password you can deny others access. Seri can still however answer the person that speaks to her, change relationships and send messages without your consent. You can avoid this by doing the following. Go to general, passcode lock, then enten the code. Now switch Siri off. Now she only works if the phone if unlocked.
2. Solve mistakes
Since Siri is a robot, it doesn’t usually recognize what you say if you aren’t clear enough. She will underline the words that she doesn’t understand in blue. If you touch those words and sentences you will get some alternatives. But every word could be tapped to type over it. You can dictate a word or phrace by tapping the microphone again.
3. Add grammar
‘Let’s eat grandpa’ or ‘let’s eat, grandpa’
Correct punctuation can save a person’s life and Siri knows that better than anyone: she doesn’t just make assumptions. She recognizes commands for commas, full stops and other grammatical things. Unfortunately this doesn’t work while composing emails outside of the mailbox. The best thing to do is ompose a message in mail.
4. Set relationships
Make it personal
Siri can regognise relationships. By going into the contacts app you can find your record for them and edit it. Go to the bottom of the form and add  a field to choose ‘related people’ from the list. You will get a list of relationship options. Now Siri will know the difference between your boss and your mom. You can say something like ‘send a message to my mom that I am coming home a bit late’ and Siri will know what needs to be done.
5. Arrange to meet
Siri can find your buddies on the map
If you have already linked to Apple’s free ‘find my friends’ app you can ask Siri where your friends are. She retrieves information from before named app. So if your friend asks you to hang out you can see where they are actually asking you out to.
6. Schedule events
Your personal secretary
Siri is smart. She can do more than just schedule events. She can also understand questions like ‘do I have plans on Friday?’ and she will warn you about overlaps in your agenda. You can tell her to change the time of a certain meeting, and she will understand.
7. Add to an email
Don’t start all over again
f you want to add anything to a note, email or other thing after you have made Siri stop listening this can easily be done by saying ‘add’. In case you are using the home button or raise-to-speak method your instructions like ‘new paragraph’ won’t be understood. To avoid this, tape preview to open an item in its app. Give more dictations by using the mic.
8. Get social with Siri
This also works for Twitter
Click account settings on the Facebook website, then ‘mobile’ on the left and follow the instructions further down to text message. Create the contact ‘Facebook’ on your phone and set its cellphone number to the texting one that FB provides. This way you can get Siri to do status updates. Tell her to send a ‘message to Facebook’.
1. Dictate to Siri
Siri can be put to work by using the microphone option; if you type a long test, simply tap the mic key to dictate the text. Touch the ‘done’ button when you’re finished. This was Siri will listen a bit longer and understand everything clearly.
9. Make lists
Add to reminders
Siri cannot creat lists in the reminder app, but it can add stuff to the ones that already exist. If you say something like ‘add dog food to my grocery list’ she knows it. If you don’t say which list you mean clear enough, she will ask you to choose from the available ones.

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