Tips For Selling More On eBay

eBay is the most popular online auction, and therefore it can be hard to beat your competition, because if you are selling a typical item, chances are that others are out there selling it for a lot more money. Luckily there are a few things that you can do to sell more items, or to sell your items for more money. Selling is an art on itself, and you have to practice and learn to get really good at it, and in the end not everyone can be a top seller. However, if you check out the few tips that we listed below you will definitely have a lot more success in your future auctions on eBay.

Ebay Tips

1. Pictures

The picture that you put on there of your product is very important and it makes all the difference in the world. People can’t actually see your picture live, they can’t touch it or try it out, so the picture or pictures that you put up there are the only thing that they can rely on. When you put a up a blurry, vague picture of what you are selling people will not buy it, they will go to the next guy who has the same product but now with sharp, clear pictures. If you are trying to sell an item as ‘new’ and your picture isn’t clear, this automatically looks suspicious. You don’t need to be a great photographer in order to take a good picture for eBay: just put your item on a solid background and take a few pictures. It is best to take a few pictures from different sides, so that people can see the product in its entirety.

2. Details

Details are of course very important. If people are trying to find a book for school or for a course, they are probably going to be searching it by serial number or model number, so make sure that you list this. If you do this your item might even show up in the search engine results. Other important things to list are colors, if the product is used or not, what your product runs on, etc. Also, if you are selling something used, you are going to want to explain why you are selling it. If you don’t do this people might assume that you are selling it because it was useless to you or because it had a defect. Just explain briefly why you are selling your item (you are selling your wardrobe because you are moving, you are selling your skiing equipment because you gave up skiing, etc).

3. Title

Lots of people use short titles on eBay, and this is not very effective because people are scanning over a page and looking for the most informative titles. You are allowed to use up to 80 characters on eBay and it is wise to use them all. For example, if you are selling a laptop or a smartphone you probably want to include the model number in your title, because people might be searching for the model number on eBay search or on the search engine, and your product will not show up if the model number isn’t in the title. Other things that you may want to include in your title are of course the full name of the product at hand, the status (used or new) and you can choose to put the price in there but this is optional. Really, if you have 80 characters you should use them all, because it is a waste to only use 3 words that don’t tell people a lot about the item.

4. Don’t sell useless stuff

People usually go on eBay to look for something specifically, and it is not like a garage sale or a used clothing store where people just go and look around, and maybe give an old tea set or a blouse a chance. You are going to want to make sure that what you are selling is not useless junk. If it is something that you used, think to yourself about why you are selling it. Is it because you don’t use it, because it has defects that make it unpleasant to use for you, or because it’s a piece of trash that you hope that someone out there will see the beauty of? If your answer is the last one, don’t even try. Maybe you will get lucky and someone will buy the item from you, but it probably won’t earn you much and it isn’t worth the negative feedback that you might receive on your page.

Selling things on eBay can be a lot of fun, and if you want to and you have enough motivation, you can nearly make a living wage out of it. There are some tips and tricks that could help you on your way, of which we have yet only listed 4. Do you have any good tips to sell more on eBay? Let us know.

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