Tips Related To Android Apps

Here are some tips and tricks related to android applications:

  • How to Switch between open Apps
    When executing an app, you should minimize it by easily pattering the Home icon. The way to get back on to it is by clicking just once on the taskbar, same as the way we do in Windows, but the way in Android is a quite simple and easy way compared to Windows.Click on the Recent Applications icon to disclose the applications that you opened as of lately.
    Go down to see additional/extra latest applications.
    Tap a screenshot from the list of given options to immediately toggle to the application.
    Note 1: You can delete the recent apps from the list by swiping them sideways one by one.
    Note 2: On Android 2.x, tap and hold the Home button to disclose recent apps.
  • How to Close a Running App
    The Android system doesn’t require you to shut down a running app for every case. But in some instances you may be required to force discontinue an app that’s bad, or for example playing a game, you may be required to in fact shut down the app to give a start to a new level rather than continuing the last. Here are the steps to follow:Run the Settings app and tap Apps under the DEVICE option.
    Select the app you want to shutdown.
    Tap the ‘Force stop’ button and tap ‘OK’ to confirm.
  • How to Set and Clear a Default App
    In Android, you can place a file to open with a definite program by default as you do in Windows. I.e. if you have installed an image viewer such as QuickPic, the system may ask you to choose an app when you try to open an image file.To set an application as default to open the file, check ‘Use by default for this action’ before you tap that app.
    The next time when you will tap an image file, it will always open with the app you’ve chosen without asking for your permission again.
  • What if you need to clear the default app?
    Run the Settings app and tap Apps under DEVICE.
    Choose the app you do not want to launch by default.
    Tap ‘Clear defaults’ under LAUNCH BY DEFAULT.
  • How to Uninstall an App
    Installing apps from the Google Play store to your Android device is easy, feasible similarly clearing them off is also an easy to-do task.Tap the All Apps icon on the tray and select the Apps tab on the top.
    Tap and hold the icon of the app you want to uninstall.
    Drag and leave the app icon over the Uninstall icon then tap ‘OK’ to confirm. (The Uninstall icon appears only for the app that can be uninstalled from the system.)
    Alternatively, you can run the Settings app, tap Apps under DEVICE then select the app you want to uninstall from the list.

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