Tips To Increase Battery Life On Android

increase-android-battery-lifeThere are a lot of new impressive android phones that are entering the market with lots of awesome configurations and features that could beat easily the current Smartphones. But still they are all lacking in battery life and it is hard to use it for at least one whole day. Below are some tips and tricks to boost your battery life to much extent:

  1. Review what is using more battery:
    Android has built-in features that shows battery usage on its own official hardware that is in Settings under About Phone. We can see that which hardware uses more battery and can turn off that that is not necessary like wifi or media player.
  2. Install “Battery Stats Plus” App:
    It’s a useful app that can detect and notify any apps which drain your battery. It also stats battery usage apps and hardware in a nice and user friendly way that can also be shared to other user through their own cloud.
  3. Buy Extended Battery:
    Some Android phone extended battery is available on market and that you can also buy online from ebay or directly from supplier like here
  4. Reduce Display brightness:
    Next generation smartphones have high quality displays that use almost 30 percent of battery which can be reduced by decreasing display brightness or use automatic bright adjustment that will dim and high automatically.
  5. Use Light Screen Savers:
    Use light screen savers that are dark and don’t use a lot of cpu and  put screen saver fast as we stop using the phone so that helps to reduce usage of memory and battery.
  6. Stop Notification from Social Media:
    Social Media notifications use  lots of memory as they are connected to the internet always and synchronize notifications from facebook and twitter that continue to use battery.
  7. Install Updates:
    Installing updates of Rom and apps might fixed some errors and could have updates for battery like htc phones usually have battery problems that are  fixed by new optimized official rom.
  8. Turn Off GPS:
    GPS are usually on by default and we don’t care to shut them down but actually it use internet data that use battery constantly and stopping it might save some battery.
  9. Disable FlashPlayer:
    Adobe flash player is one of heavy apps that are used to play any flash game or video and new html5 browser have built in external program to run any video or game.
  10. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:
    Uninstalling unnecessary apps will help to reduce memory usage plus it could help to reduce lagging and increase speed of your phone and importantly your phone will use less battery.

Using all tips and tricks will save your battery reasonably and if you are still not satisfied, then buy a portable charger.


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