Tips To Increase Gaming Performance

Running games on your PC can be difficult, because usually gamers have different systems of custom hardware with of varying brands. Games on PC sometimes have complex requirements unlike Xbox or PlayStation games where we only have to insert a DVD to play.

PC games often start to lag and sometimes result in headaches because systems usually don’t have all the requirements. Still lots of people prefer playing games on PC or laptop because it has more benefits and you can do other things while playing games.

Mainly systems have two complications: the Processor Speed which usually causes games to hang because it has less power or because the processor is busy running other programs on PC, and the graphic card has low memory. Out of the many tools I have tested, two are helpful:

  1. Wise Game Booster is the PC Optimizing utility developed by Wise Cleaner who also develop related software to speed up CPU but this specific product is made for gaming purposes and it’s free to install. Basically it scans all the processes and services which effect the game speed or use a lot of CPU usage. Optimizing these processes will help to boost the performance.
    When you start the optimizer it searches all games that you have installed on our PC. You can add manually if wise utility isn’t able to find a game by clicking the ‘add game’ button. Then it automatically generates issues that cause the game problems and you can fix all defects by pressing ‘optimize all’ or you can manually go to the system or process tab and fix the problems one by one. You can restore any process by resuming them if it effects Windows or any other driver.
  2. SwiftShader is the GPU tool which helps 3D rendering through different hardware. In example, if we have little graphic memory SwiftShader will use ram or processor to render 3D instead of the graphic card. That tool is very helpful if your system doesn’t meet the gaming requirement and through SwiftShader you can still run the game. You can download the demo version from their official website. It’s easy to use. SwiftShader comes with two separate files for both processors; 64 bit and 32 bit. You just have to copy one file to game folder which suites your processor and it will automatically install. Then you just have to run the game. You can use SwiftShader on any OS like Mac, Linux or Windows.

Both tools will help much to better the quality of PC games. They will increase FPS and graphic rendering, which reduce big problems for the PC gamers so that we can have a lag free gaming experience.


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