Tips To Manage A Successful Business Facebook Page

Managing your Facebook page can be a difficult task. It is probably not your main job and you feel that managing it and learning how to work it could take up a lot of your precious time, but having a successful Facebook page can be very useful and because of it your business can grow bigger and bigger. That is why it is important to learn how to work with your social media, starting with Facebook. It is really not that hard, and you only have to be a little bit creative in order to get popular. Check out 5 tips for managing a successful business Facebook page below:


1. Updates

Frequent updates are important, because they increase your popularity and by posting a lot of things to Facebook you are showing fans that you are still out there. While posting too much on a personal FB page may seem pathetic, on a business Facebook page it is different: people will feel like there is a lot to promote and like you have a lot of people working for your company. What kind of updates should you post? Being relevant is important. Check what’s going on on Facebook, who is following you, and address your posts to your followers. The more accurate you are, the more people will trust and like your business.

2. Giveaways

FaceBook Giveaways
Although it may seem a bit cheesy, a lot of people still like coupons and no one runs away from free stuff. That’s why we recommend you to keep giving stuff away for free to your costumers, even on Facebook. For example, give everyone who ‘likes’ your page 40 % off on any product of yours that they want to buy, or have contests and allow people to win your products. People like competitions as well as free stuff on Facebook, so there is no doubt that giving will make you very popular.

3. Answer

One thing that I always notice is when business comment on other people. Sometimes you post an update to Facebook, and someone comments with a question or a compliment. Instead of taking it up and ignoring it you should comment. For some reason businesses that comment to other people’s questions and compliments seem a lot nicer and friendlier to customers. When you comment on someone’s post on your page you show that you are interested in what the customer has to say, and that you are still active as business. It never hurt anyone to comment!

4. Make stuff private

People are naturally very curious and there is no harm in (ab)using that a little bit: make some of your blogs, or part of of your blog private. Make people ‘like’ your page before they can find out all about you. If someone happens to be reading your post and can’t read further unless if they ‘liked’ you, they will probably do so if they are hooked. More costumers for you!

5. Profile pic

People want to know who they are reading about, so upload a clear headshot of yourself onto Facebook. Don’t make it look as if you made the picture yourself: let someone else take it. Smile. This is the first (and maybe only) impression that potential costumers are going to get from you, so it is really important to look good and professional. Also, keep your business and your personal Facebook separate and only upload your holiday pictures on your personal Facebook page. It’s all about looking professional

These 5 tips are only the basics of managing a professional Facebook page: there is a lot more to take into consideration. However, if you use the above tips you won’t look like a complete newbie at least and people will know what you are talking about. If you have any further tips on how to manage a business Facebook page, please tell us about it in the comment section.

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