Tips To Optimize Your Windows PC

Windows is one of the most popular websites for home users. It’s user friendly and has a lot of features with a lot of software is able to use. It doesn’t have to be beneficial when we have a lot of software but the configuration of your PC is limited or have any virus that causes PC to hang and gives stress.

If you want to learn some magical technics to speedup your windows then follow some easy tips below:

  • Install any windows cleaner like ccleaner to remove unused temp files and unimportant files.
  • Use a registry booster to optimize install programs  and fix registry errors on PC.
  • Defragment harddisk to organize files which reduce time for windows to read files.
  • Install antivirus scanners to remove viruses, trojans and spyware which uses a lot of memory. I prefer Avira or Avast because they are small in size, protect  well and don’t make PC slow.
  • If you have much  shortage of memory then change windows theme to windows class and remove background wall papers.
  • Install a game booster and stop useless services.
  • If you have limited resources and need to do any important work then it’s better to buy external ram or upgrade your PC.

Test all small tips and  I hope it will make your Windows much faster and reduce lagging.

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