Tips To Reduce Addiction To Facebook

Many people, worldwide, are addicted to social media. They go online in the morning to share pictures of their cat and are late for work as a result, ‘like’ party pictures during boring study hours at school, have political arguments with Australians when they can’t sleep at night and sometimes chat with their wife from the office all day long. This all sounds harmless and light, but it can make you feel very lazy and reduce your productivity if you keep letting Facebook distract you and take your energy.  Here are some tips to reduce your addiction:

  • Time for some Live Action
    Why don’t you spend time with your friends in real life? Because you are too busy? Let’s face it: you will always be busy and you are actually also way to busy to be sharing pictures and chatting with your friends via Facebook. It will make you a much happier person if you go out with a couple of friends, do something fun on the weekend, then when you sit on the computer all week long to stay in touch, while doing your work.
  • Block Facebook using blocking web extension
    If you want to go all the way, you can use an application to block Facebook from your comptuter. Some Antivirus applications have the function to block FB built in. When you use the applications to make changes on your computer it will ask you for a password. It is better to let anyone else set it for you, so that you can’t go to unblock it yourself later. This hardcore step will certainly reduce your Facebook activity.
  • I love to Limit Myself
    Why do some kids get so called ‘computer time’ from their parents? Because they won’t stop themselves from playing games all day long. Now we should know that adults are just as bad, especially when it comes from Facebook and we should do something about that. By giving yourself ‘computer time’ every day, and really sticking to the time limits that you set for yourself you will gain confidence and you won’t be on Facebook as much… which also means that you will actually have some cool updates and messages once you go back online the next day.
  • But what is the use of it?
    Is Facebook really relevant to your work? If your business if based on the internet or if it is modern at all then it’s a good idea to promote it on Facebook. However, you do not have an excuse to use FB the whole time. You have to think to yourself, and be absolutely honest with yourself, about what benefit FB has to your work. It is not cool to let your colleagues do all the work while you keep yourself busy playing games and chatting with your very cute girlfriend. Change your attitude.

If all these thing doesn’t work and Facebook still kills your productivity, then you should really Quit Facebook. Because if you can’t take control on your mind then you should move out of the place to find your best solution to quit facebook. So it will be better to quit Facebook and concentrate on your work. But before that you should try implementing these techniques to stay out of it.

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