Tips To Save iPhone Battery Power

Modern smartphones are not capable of running for more than one day and their battery life is usually short. It causes lots of problems if you are traveling or simply away from home and you find that it’s impossible to charge your phone but you need to call or send out an urgent message for any important work. So I want to suggest a few tips that could help you to save battery life and to extend more time for anything you need.

iPhone Battery Saving

1. Turn Off Notifications

You might have a few apps like Facebook or Twitter that are usually connected to data services and collect data that take your iPhone battery power every time. Shutting these apps will also save your data usage and it will save much battery, especially the 3g and 4g services use a lot of battery power and turning off apps will extend the battery for long.

2. Turn Off Data Services

People usually don’t pay much attention to shutting down any data service like 3g or gprs so they can use the internet any time without any settings or complications but if you don’t need much internet then you can switch off to save your battery for other important work that you need.

3. Close Apps

There might be few apps that usually running on background might because you used some apps and without closing it you started to use another so maybe there are a few apps that are using power and running in the background which are not required so it’s better to close it.

4. Change Brightness Settings

Your screen uses a lot of battery power especially of high quality smartphones with millions of color pixels. If you have one of those, it needs a lot of power and changing the brightness setting to lower affects the power usage much so you can turn-off auto brightness and change brightness level to low manually.

5. Buy Extended batteries

uNu DX Protective Batter -Case for iPhone 5
There are a few companies that are selling extended batteries with cases around $50 to $100 which could help you to double your battery and you can use them if you are away and it’s hard to charge your phone. Extended batteries don’t usually have beautiful cases and it could give a bad look to your iPhone so you should use it if you need it for any important reason only.

6. Alternative Charging Options

iPhone charging with coffee
There are lots of innovative alternative charging options like you can buy a charger that could charge your phone with hot coffee or with cold beverages that you can check here or you could use usb charging options like charging with laptop or can charge with car.

I posted these few important ways that will help to save your iPhone battery and if you wanna know any important iPhone tips or want to learn any helpful iPhone topic then you can check here.

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