Tips To Speed Up Your iPhone

Here are some of the world’s simples tips that may assist in speeding up your iOS device. The number of most faced problems and issues among the iphone users such are problems like slow swipes from one side to another or phone glitching and problems like your phone’s taking a lot of time to load apps etc., or delayed recognition of buttons, so now there is nothing to worry about as here you are provided with some of the most feasible solutions. By following them you will boost your iphone speed.

First of all check out your browsing history and clear it all( go to settings > safari >clear history). The same goes with your browser cookies, clear them too (got to settings > safari > clear cookies) and then go to your browsers cache and clear it ( go to settings > safari > clear cache). Also make sure to install / download as little applications as you can as it will result in much better performance than before. Also make sure to clear or delete the applications which go unused or apps that are free in downloading again.There is a most important tip of fasting up your iOS by making it definite sure to leave out at least 500 MB of space absolutely free / vacant. This can also be done by removing such videos , movies, clips, songs, audios, music which you usually don’t listen to and are just occupying space for no reason. Always try if possible, to download less emails, only the ones that are important, significant and useful as this sometimes become a major reason of the lagging of your phone sometimes at important moments.

One more option, a feasible one related to emails is that instead of checking your latest emails on a very constant and regular basis, you can change the configuration to check it on hourly, daily. There is also an option for manual check which can be opt too if it suites you according to or depending upon your usage and work by turning off the option of ‘Fetch new data’ under the settings category. You can also perform a soft reset of your phone by holding both physical buttons until the phone switches off and restarts to the logo of Apple, this way is nearly found feasible and worthy when tried. And the most common way that people usually neglect is that of clearing the old unuseful text messages, old conversations which are of no use to you now. And also try to make sure or at least make a habit of not listening music and texting at the same time, all know that iphones are usually meant or bought for this purpose only. It’s correct but it also slows down the processing of your phone, which many people don’t care about.

And last but not the least, you must check that unused radios should be kept off like for example, turning off Bluetooth is there if no use of it. Same goes with the wifi option, as scanning is always on when these radios are on,and which indirectly slows down your phone.

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