Top 10 Silly Apps For iPhone

Some apps out there make you wonder what you are wasting your time on, but at the same time something keeps drawing you towards opening them. The apps listed below are a waste of time, but they might be fun to play with, to keep your kid busy with or show off to your friends to show that you have a dry sense of humor:

  1. Hold On
    HoldOn iPhone app
    Track how long you can hold your finger in a specific position on your screen for. The app records the time. It is incredibly useless, but you may as well call it an achievement.
  2. Talking Tom Cat
    Talking Tom Cat iPhone App
    This cute kitty responds to you. He repeats everything you say in a high pitched voice and you can pet him, poke him and if you are in a sadistic mood you could even grab his tail.
  3. iSock
    istoke iphone app
    Do you remember when you were a kid and your dad used to put his hand in a sock and pretend it was a talking puppet? Now you can do that with your phone. Speak through this virtual sock puppet. Pedophiles are not allowed to purchase it.
  4. IBeer
    ibear iphone app
    The iBeer is like drinking beer without getting drunk. And without the taste. And without the fun afterwards. And without having to order a taxi cab. And without actually consuming it.
  5. Fat Booth
    fatbooth iphone app
    Do you ever wonder what you would look like if you were fat(ter)? Find out now with this extremely useless, but slightly hilarious iPhone app.
  6. MouthOff
    MouthOff iPhone app
    This app has 60 different mouthes that morph along as you speak.
  7. Shut Up Button
    shutup button iphone
    This app is not necessarily racist, as it can tell you how to say ‘shut up’ inĀ  50 different languages. So if you’re on a trip and you want to say ‘shut up’ to someone in a foreign language, open the app and it will translate for you.
  8. Aging Booth
    aggingbooth iphone app
    Similar to the fat booth: see how you and your friends look when you are older.
  9. Stachetastic
    This incredibly funny app allows you to try a variety of different facial hairstyles.
  10. TightWire
    Watch a fat guy balance on a small rope. You gotta waste your time in one way or another? Right.

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