Top 3 Alternatives To Facebook


No doubt Facebook is the best social medium out there. It has over a billion users and half of them are active. You can find almost everyone around you on Facebook, even your grandparents or small cousins. People can share post, pictures, videos there and you can see everyone’s activities and their info. Unfortunately these things damage our privacy so I want to share some alternatives that can help you enjoy social media by seeing things that people share around the world, without affecting your privacy much.

  1. Twitter
    Twitter is one of the oldest social media that helps people to share their things like words, links, pictures and videos through tweets. You can find a lot of celebrities, athletes and other famous personalities as it’s more private and you don’t have a lot of settings and options to use.
  2. Pinterest
    Pineterest is one of the newest social media on the internet where users shares their pins on their boards that are usually creative images of photography, clothing, foods and fashion. You can find people that have more interests in pictures and you can see posts in nice thumbnails on users board.
  3. Tumblr
    Tumblr is a micro-blogging social medium where people share their posts with tags. Usually on gif images and you can see posts about every topic because its more free with less rules and policies. It might not be easy to use and the most different thing about tumblr is that you have to follow blogs with topics instead of people.

There are a lot of other decent alternative like Google plus and Myspace but they are more similar to Facebook and you will find almost the same features and won’t be that much private.

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